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"You are what you eat" and Health-mutt is dedicated to natural healthy pet food options (both cat food and dog food), including human grade ingredient pet food.

Too often our pets nowadays suffer from health problems - chronic allergies, skin problems, liver and kidney disease and die of cancers. In addition many are obese and suffer related illnesses as a result. Holistic veterinarians believe many of these health issues are diet related.

  • Do you hold your nose when you are feeding your pet a can of food?
  • Have you ever wondered why those "meaty chunks" are so uniform in shape and size?
  • What exactly is that meat by-product, digest, meat meal in your pet's dinner?
  • Where does all the meat, vegetable and grain by-product from human food production go?
  • Where do sick, dying animals that have been condemned for human consumption go?
  • Do you know the difference between an abattoir and a rendering plant?
  • Did you know that the pet food industry was the subject of a multi million dollar food recall in 2007 across dozens of brands due to tainted ingredients from China?
  • Have you been frustrated when symptoms flare up again as soon as your pet's cortisone medication is stopped?
If these questions have been nagging you, congratulations, you are on your way to giving your pet a healthier longer life!
  • Health-mutt uses fresh human-grade meat (apart from kangaroo), fruit, vegetables, grains, vitamins and minerals in our raw meals, cooked meals and baked treats.
  • Health-mutt excludes preservatives, by-product, chemicals, additives, artificial flavorings and colouring from our cooked and raw meals.
  • Health-mutt uses natural herbs to supplement our diets with additional minerals and vitamins

For more information and discussion on healthy eating see our pet health section. Have a health-tip to share or know of a product or holistic vet that has helped your pet - share it with a community of concerned pet guardians.

Labradog Portrait - Jojo - Acrylic paint
Find and send me a photograph that best captures your pet's personalit
Health-mutt Raw Moo
Power packed fresh raw meal made from human grade beef, seasonal veget
Teddy Birthday Cake
The dogs won't be able to resist!


Only available
Health-mutt Tomato Bones
A healthy vegetarian tomato "pizza" in a biscuit ! Made from all human
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is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant - and often used to treat arthirithis, asthma, cancer inflammatory diseases, infections and liver disease. Its antioxidant powers have been compared to vitamin C and E, BHA and BHT.And unlike other anti-inflammatory drugs eg cortisone, tumeric does not cause stomach ulcers. It also reduces gas.

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